Crm, Project Management, Erp, eBusiness. Services offered by Sys&Org.
Crm, Project Management, Erp and eBusiness. Menu of organisational considerations and Sys&Org's services.
Crm, project management, eBusiness and Erp software. Italian site version.
Crm, project management, eBusiness and Erp software. English site version.

Sys&Org's Crm Services

By virtue of Customer Relationship Management Systems already up and running, Sys&Org offers the client all of its acquired experience, and numerous start up models.

Through parallel experience in Erp software, and in platforms for eBusiness, Sys&Org is able to realise for the customer a system in which Crm software is truly integrated with the rest of the information system.

Every Crm project is conducted with all the care which Project Management imposes on complex and strategic projects.

The visitor is invited to visit the pages of the Project Management section for further details on how these projects are conducted.

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