Crm, Project Management, Erp, eBusiness. Services offered by Sys&Org.
Crm, Project Management, Erp and eBusiness. Menu of organisational considerations and Sys&Org's services.
Crm, project management, eBusiness and Erp software. Italian site version.
Crm, project management, eBusiness and Erp software. English site version.

Sys&Org's Consultancy

Sys&Org, with more than a decade of experience in the field of corporate organisation, offers the client the following services:

- consultancy in all stages of a reorganisation
- preliminary analysis, cost/benefit study
- compilation of an operative plan
- study and realisation of new channels and archives
- implementation of communication systems
- profile designs, search and evaluation of personnel
- realisation of management control panels
- temporary management of departments
- Project Management throughout the entire operation.

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